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Don't worry or fret about your next home, Houston Apartment Locators are here to help! We're a free Houston apartment locating service that takes pride in knowing we help everyone find a Houston apartment. Locators are a dime a dozen, but here we go the further then just handing you a list of Houston apartments. The Houston Apartment Locator that works with you is knowledgable about the communties she'll send you to, and can even escort you to the apartments to help you determine if they're perfect for you.

Your Houston Apartment Locator is dedicated to making sure your move is the easiest experience possible. Large national companies just want your business and don't care about your needs. They don't have the personalized knowledge and experience dealing with the Houston area that our Houston Apartment Locators do. Don't be fooled by tricks or gimmicks, make the right descision and call us now; our Houston Apartment Locators are ready and waiting!


14010 Hardy Street
Houston, TX 77002
Phone: 281.305.8705

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Houston Apartment Locators are members of the Texas Apartment AssociationHouston Apartment Locators are members of the Houston Apartment Association Houston Apartment Locators are equal housing opportunity specialists that do not discriminate when helping you locate a Houston apartment
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